Cloud Security & Compliance

AWS Cloud Security

Securing Your Cloud

Partnering with Cloud Logix to navigate your requirements of the AWS Shared Responsibility Model and identify solutions can bring comfort and peace of mind to the process. Cloud Logix is an AWS Certified Security -Specialty level dedicated to helping businesses using AWS improve their security and empowering them with the knowledge of available options.

Our Security Services

AWS Cloud Security Assessment

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing as businesses must act decisively to improve their security posture as attacks grow in frequency and sophistication. In our AWS Cloud Security, we will conduct a thorough process to:

  • DISCOVERThoroughly understand your business objectives and compliance requirements. Our team will conduct an in-depth review of your AWS environment, examining all aspects of your infrastructure.
  • EVALUATEAfter gathering the necessary information, we analyze the data collected during the discovery phase to identify potential security risks and compliance gaps. Our experts perform a detailed assessment to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of your security posture.
  • CONSULTIn this final step, we provide you with a detailed report containing our findings, recommendations, and a prioritized action plan. Our consultants will work closely with your team to explain the results and suggest practical solutions to address any identified vulnerabilities or compliance issues.
AWS Disaster Recovery Planning & Execution

AWS Disaster Recovery Planning and Execution is critical to ensure your business can quickly resume operations after an unplanned incident. We help by evaluating your current infrastructure, developing a strategy specific to your needs, and testing and implementing AWS services for a rapid and reliable recovery. Our certified engineers have extensive experience in developing AWS disaster recovery plans.