Infrastructure as Code

Automate Your Deployments & Reduce Operational Burden

Manually performing repetitive tasks increases delivery time as well as potential errors. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) can eliminate these problems while improving “time to live” and consistency. As an AWS Select Tier Services Partner, Cloud Logix can create, manage, and optimize your IaC infrastructure for efficient and predictable deployments, improved quality control, security and testing, and faster recovery times.

Cloud Logix cloud solutions architects and DevOps engineers are experts in AWS DevOps best practices. We can help identify areas for automation in your AWS environment and develop well-written IaC to reduce the burden on your developers and admins to write documentation. With well-written IaC, your code is the documentation.



What Sets Us Apart

We are partners in our clients' success.

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to understanding our clients’ challenges, and constraints. By actively listening to our customers, we create an environment where their needs are prioritized and their concerns are heard. This allows us to develop the best plan possible, tailored specifically to their requirements and objectives.

  • We take great satisfaction in our ability to complete projects quickly and accurately. Our group of specialists work closely to assist our clients with exploring the more profound capacities of their cloud framework, empowering them to accomplish more efficiencies, adaptability, and cost-adequacy.
  • In the ever-changing technological world, we understand the importance of staying up to date. As a result, we always have cloud-native, modernized solutions available that adapt to our customers’ businesses. We accept that innovation ought to be an empowering influence, not a hinderance, and we are focused on equipping our clients with the technology and systems they need to succeed.
  • Our focus is to help our customers prepare for future growth. We are dedicated professionals that build trust and reliability with every client.  We are not here for instant solutions; we are invested in a long-term relationship that adapts to infrastructure change and technology advancement.

Benefits of Infrastructure as Code in AWS with Cloud Logix

Deliver service to customers with ease

Well-written IaC is consistent, secure, and is its own documented reference. Cloud Logix provides your business with proven experience and knowledge as DevOps experts, no matter how large or small your firm or footprint may be. With well-written infrastructure-as-code, gain visibility, stability, repeatability, and security.


An infrastructure as code (IaC) template provides a explicit way to define and manage your infrastructure resources. It allows you to specify the desired state of your infrastructure using code, rather than manually configuring each resource through a web console or command line interface.


IaC helps automate the process of provisioning and configuring infrastructure components through code, allowing for consistent, repeatable, and scalable infrastructure deployments.


With IaC, you can define all the necessary resources, configurations, and settings in a code file. This code file serves as a blueprint for your infrastructure, including servers, networks, storage, security groups, and other components.