Cloud Security & Compliance

Securing your cloud 

Partner with Cloud Logix to navigate the AWS Shared Responsibility Model and find solutions with ease. As an AWS Certified Security -Specialty level partner, we specialize in enhancing security for businesses on AWS, providing peace of mind and empowering you with comprehensive options.
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Our process in AWS cloud security assessment

1. Discover
2. Evaluate
3. Consult

Comprehensive review

Thoroughly understand your business objectives and compliance requirements. Our team will conduct an in-depth review of your AWS environment, examining all aspects of your infrastructure.

Analysis for enhanced security

Following data collection, we meticulously analyze the information acquired in the discovery phase to pinpoint security risks and compliance discrepancies. Our experts conduct a thorough assessment to gain a comprehensive grasp of your security posture.

Reporting and Action plan

In the last stage, we furnish a detailed report encompassing findings, recommendations, and a prioritized action plan. Our consultants collaborate closely with your team to elucidate results and propose practical solutions for addressing vulnerabilities or compliance concerns.

AWS disaster recovery planning & execution

Effective AWS Disaster Recovery Planning and Execution is essential to swiftly restore operations after an unplanned incident. We meticulously assess your infrastructure, tailor a strategy to your requirements, and rigorously test and implement AWS services for rapid and dependable recovery. Count on our certified engineers with extensive experience in crafting AWS disaster recovery plans for your peace of mind.
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