AWS Containerization

Modernize applications for rapid integration and increased productivity

Navigate the complexities of cloud development with ease. Containerize your AWS environment for streamlined deployment and enhanced productivity. As an AWS Select Tier Services Partner, Cloud Logix specializes in Amazon ECS and EKS implementation, empowering your team for greater efficiency.
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Benefits of AWS containerization

Developer efficiency

With AWS containerization from Cloud Logix, your developers can focus on building the application, instead of managing the compatibility requirements of different environments. This allows for a more streamlined application development process.

Simplified management

Using Amazon’s cloud-native containerization services, ECS and EKS, Cloud Logix can help your business to simplify management and operations within your cloud environment.


Containers improve your developer efficiency and agility, resulting in rapid iteration and shortening your time to market.

Our AWS containerization process

1. Discovery
2. Automation
3. Engineering
4. Orchestration

Uncovering opportunities for optimization

In the first phase of our AWS containerization process, our dedicated team conducts thorough analysis to assess the scope of the job, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your needs and paving the way for efficient optimization strategies.

Streamlining your application lifecycle

Our engineers take charge of your entire application development lifecycle. From building and testing to provisioning and deployment, we implement robust automation processes to streamline every step. By harnessing automation, we ensure efficiency, consistency, and reliability throughout your development journey, allowing your team to focus on innovation and growth.

Cloud engineering excellence: containerizing your workload

In our engineering phase, our expert cloud engineers adeptly containerize your workload. Utilizing leading-edge technologies and best practices, we craft tailored containerization solutions. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure seamless operation within containerized environments, unlocking enhanced scalability and efficiency for your business.

Optimizing container workloads: efficient orchestration

We automate the management, scaling, and networking of your containerized workloads using AWS' EKS or ECS. Leveraging these native container orchestration services ensures optimal performance and efficiency, enabling seamless operations and enhanced scalability for your business.

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